Greeny Grass System leads the business of artificial grass distribution, installation for various types of sports. For example, artificial grass football fields, artificial grass futsal fields, artificial grass tennis fields, artificial grass putting golf fields, artificial grass hockey fields, artificial grass lawn bowl fields, and artificial grass running tracks. Also, we have provided the artificial grass for use and installation in landscapes, for rooftop and for playgrounds.
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Artificial grass Football Fields, Artificial grass Futsal Fields, Mini Soccer
Artificial grass Football Fields both indoor and outdoor Greeny Grass System provides the consultation services for floor preparation, drainage system design, the proper area including the standard installation. Greeny Grass deliberately selects the proper artificial grass for football fields. Especially, the strength and durability for extended usage of time without close maintenance like the real grass field. The after-sale service is throughout usage period of time.
Putting Green Golf Fields
With our experience and specialties by the specialist, our putting green golf fields design will be realistic both in terms of feeling of putting, the rolling of golf balls which are similar to the real grass. Artificial grass Golf Fields is durable and beautiful. The design can be done according to customers’ requirements including fringing and sand dunkers. The installation can be done in all surfaces, either ground or concrete and in the building or rooftop.
Artificial grass for Landscapes and Gardening
Artificial grass for Gardening – We provide different models which are durable more than 8 years. The artificial grass is UV resistance so it is not worn easily. The feeling is like the real grass both in vision and in touching. The standard is according to the safety. Hence, it’s safe from heavy metal and suitable for al landscapes.
Artificial grass for Playgrounds/Pets
Our artificial grass is free from leads and heavy metal and also poisoning-free. This, then, can guarantee the safety for children or pets. Artificial grass is the best answer for Artificial grass for Playgrounds. The advantages are easily clean if any dirty. The artificial grass for playground is also cleaner than the real grass one as the artificial grass will not have soil, pebbles that can be contaminated to hands and clothing. Soil, pebbles and the contamination can bring the germs to children or pets.
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*Our company guarantees the installation for half year and the quality for 6 years of artificial grass itself. Also, we provide the after-sale service for maintenance.

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