Premium Artificial Grass for Multipurpose 1.8 cm. (M-245)

Multipurpose grass for gym, fitness center, mini soccer, futsal and playground.

  • PE monofilament curl
  • 1.8 cm. pile height
  • High density and elasticity
  • High tensile strength yarn
  • Strong wear resistance

Technical Specification (M-245W)

Pile Height 18 mm.
Dtex 8,000
Gauge 3/16"
Stitch Rate 26+/-1 stitches/10 cm.
Density 54,600 stitches/sq.m
Pile Weight 1,890 g/sq.m(+/-10%)
Backing Weight 1,050 g/sq.m(+/-10%)
Total Carpet Weight 2,940 g/sq.m(+/-10%)

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