Artificial Football Grass 5 cm. (GSF-T5517-ZG)

GSF-T5517-ZG Artificial Football Grass
Our premium quality football grass models are designed to meet customers requirements with FIFA Standards.

  • PE monofilament
  • 5 cm. Pile Height
  • S Shape
  • Softness, Resilien and Durability
  • Posses natural sliding properties and less skin abrasion
  • 5/8'' gauge
  • zigzag tufting for natural appearance
  • UV Resistance
  • Green latex backing for 3°C reduced temperrature (only in Greenygrass Product)

Technical Specification (GSF-T5517-ZG)

Pile Height 50 mm.
Dtex 10,000
Gauge 5/8"
Stitch Rate 13+/-1 stitches/10 cm.
Density 8,190 stitches/sq.m
Pile Weight 924 g/sq.m(+/-10%)
Backing Weight 250+1,150 g/sq.m(+/-10%)
Total Carpet Weight 2,324 g/sq.m(+/-10%)

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