Premium Artificial Grass for Landscape 3 cm. SpeedyX10 (LV-30)

Our premium landscape grass models are product with new technology from Europe for 10 times quicker water permeability than regular artificial grass call "Speedy X10" and realistic appearance up to 8 years durability withoout frequent maintenance or watering for your all-year-round green garden, playground, leisure area and indoor decoration.

  • 3 cm. pile height
  • Bi color fresh green with curl yarn for natural look
  • Premium Soft
  • Waeving technology backing without latex coating
  • Light weight
  • Strong UV defence
  • No heavy metal, No toxic, Lead free and Safe for people and pet
  • Easy Clean
  • Suitable for the project which require a product differentiation
  • Certified as ISO9001:2015 compliant

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